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Our Social Services Practice works with community-based organizations to provide cost-effective outreach business services to various entities. We help them develop quality programs and activities to better serve their clients. These services range from grant writing to program development and evaluation.  

Recognizing that many non-profit and community-based organizations function with limited resources and staff,
GBC® works closely with these organizations to better manage their existing resources and identify additional funding sources.
Key Benefits :

  Upgrade program quality.
  Cost-effective outreach solutions.
  Identify funding sources.

Capabilities :

Our well-trained staff offer a wealth of community-based services to help organizations better serve their clients. Our  experience spans several years working with community-based agencies. We recognize the limitations in available resources and make funding resource recommendations that allow them to upgrade their services.
Outreach solutions.
  We help to identify social outreach programs to improve the quality of life in a target community.
Utilize community resources.
  We use existing community resources i.e. federal, state, and/or corporate, etc. to assist our clients.
Program Development
  Deliver Contract Implementation and Grant Writing services.

Reference Accounts :

Our social services practice has designed and implemented community outreach programs ranging from business registration to successful grant submission  and award for several organizations, including the following.

Restoration Consultants of Louisiana
  Performed registration and incorporation services...
Esther’s Haven House
  Processed 501(3c) application...
Open World Family Services, Inc.
  Submitted Education Grant Application...

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A commitment to community development.


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