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January - May 2008

2/22/2008: GBC
® becomes an approved  World Wide Technology, Inc. vendor.

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January 2007 - December 2007

10/27/2007: GBC updates approved federal vendor status with EDS.

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January 2006 - December 2006

6/16/2006: GBC
® becomes an iPowerWeb Business Partner. After several years of using iPowerWeb's web hosting service, GBC has decided to partner with iPowerWeb to deliver reliable solutions to customers. We at GBC believe that this partnership will enable our clients to establish and enhance their internet presence. .[continue].

6/12/2006: GBC
® becomes a GotVMail Business Partner. The GBC management having adopted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services for efficient telecommunications in September 2004 has decided to partner with GotVMail to deliver virtual office management services to our customers. .[continue].


January - December 2005

9/1/2005: GBC
® joins the effort to bring relief to those impacted by Hurricane Katrina. 

1/23/2005: GBC
® joins the effort to bring relief to those impacted by the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami.

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We provide you with regular news updates on new developments here at GBC and in the technology services industry.

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We provide news reports from several sources including:

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·  BBC News

For more information about news and developments at GBC®, please contact Ms. Joanne Salinger, Associate Partner, Sales & Marketing Services.

Ms. Joanne R. Salinger
Associate Partner
Sales & Marketing
Tel: +1.866.277.8974
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