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We offer several strategic outsourcing services including the management of a company's applications and information technology (IT) systems. Customers strategically partner with GBC® to manage and operate their applications and IT systems, generally under a mutually beneficial agreement. 

GBC® provides service level assurances to ensure that the quality of service delivered is attained and measured.

Key Benefits :

  Efficient service delivery.
  Integrated Solutions.
  Virtualized IT environment.

Capabilities :

Our capabilities portfolio, including our global delivery infrastructure, and technical expertise, allow us to serve as the single point of contact on a multi-vendor engagement thereby allowing you to focus on your core competencies.  

Higher profitability.
  We deliver cost-effective turnkey and custom design projects for the enterprise.
Greater productivity.
  We integrate industry leading technology to enable our clients to meet mission-critical milestones.
Adaptive Enterprises.
  We work with clients to create a virtualized IT environment thereby bringing the company closer to the vision of an adaptive enterprise, where business and IT are synchronized to capitalize on change.

Outsourcing Options:

While traditional full-service outsourcing works for larger organizations, small to mid-tier companies often need something more adaptable and efficient.

Optimum Investment Mix:
  Our approach of a flexible service strategy allows for an optimum mix of investment VS return.
Wide spectrum of technology knowledgebase:
  Our staff are highly trained and knowledgeable in a wide spectrum of technology hardware and services.
Partner Solutions:
  Where appropriate, we partner with clients to design and execute mutually beneficial outsourcing engagements which result in product/service conceptualization through design, implementation and market provisioning.

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Adaptive Enterprise:
As you consider outsourcing your IT operations, you are concerned about a number of issues:
Control of your assets, employees' productivity, possible business disruptions and most importantly, will you be able to respond to rapidly changing IT requirements while maintaining alignment with your business strategy.
We are aware of these concerns and address them through our development of an adaptive enterprise which will allow you to meet IT business and infrastructure requirements.     
Measurable results...
We help you with the transformation required to implement a fast, reliable and high quality integration project.

You can count on us to stay focused on measurable results.

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GBC Global Services
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