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The global marketplace continues to expand and increasingly rely on Internet technology. For most organizations, the network infrastructure has become a mission-critical component of every day operations. Technological advancements require a responsive network infrastructure that is designed to control costs and reduce risks, while enabling you to pursue and win new business opportunities.
GBC® can help you plan, deploy, run, manage and optimize your network infrastructure.

Key Benefits :

  Achieve business viability.
  Manage complex business operations.
  Scalable, reliable networks.

Capabilities :

We partner with some of the best companies in the business. This  allows GBC to deliver on-time proven, flexible, reliable and scalable solutions.
Experience with proven methodology.
  Our staff have several years of experience with large integration companies. We know what works. 
Flexible, quick response to issues.
  We are a small firm. We operate without the red tape/ rigidity of mammoth organizations.
We utilize tried and tested tools to deliver robust and reliable solutions.
  We use various business tools to determine benefits and best-fit solutions for our clients. Our staff has a very diverse background which allows us to assess and determine optimum solutions for a variety of business cases. We work with our clients to determine project scope and deliverables. We are committed to ensuring maximum client satisfaction. We work for you.

Company Focus :

GBC delivers integrated, industry-focused solutions to business and IT problems. Some of our clients include:

Kollie & Associates
  GBC selected and deployed a new network topology. This enabled K & A to deliver information to remote employees through a regulated portal.
  GBC performed multi-level data migration services across both a Novell Netware and Windows 2000 network.
The Epiphany Mortgage
  Performed system selection and network topology configuration services.

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In today's business environment, relentless competition requires increasingly complex solutions, often spanning organizational and geographic borders. 
Businesses must exploit emerging opportunities by quickly adopting new technologies.

Our systems integration services offer consulting and delivery expertise in end-to-end systems integration and networking.
Infrastructure Management
We assist clients, with the design, build and management of their infrastructure.

Our primary goal is to help position our clients for long-term success. 

Sales Department
GBC Global Services
Tel: +1.866.277.8974 
E-mail: GBC Sales Team

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