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As your enterprise grows and changes, your existing IT infrastructure can become fragmented and difficult to manage.  GBC® can help you optimize your IT operations and investments, enabling you to integrate various platforms and systems. We use our knowledge and experience to build meaningful business performance metrics for our clients.
Key Benefits :

  Agile Networks.
  Recoverable Environments
  Efficient Business Transformation.

Capabilities :

Business requirements change rapidly in a diverse and progressive global marketplace. Today, organizations have to constantly evaluate how they do business in order to compete and win opportunities. Whether the change involves process, core competency re-alignment, or technology re-deployment, GBC can help you with your business transformation.

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act is an opportunity for IT divisions to address a number of business operations concerns. We will work with you to assess and execute your SOX documentation and reporting requirements.

System Selection.
  We work with you to determine the appropriate network topology for your enterprise.
Disaster Recovery.
  Business continuity issues are addressed including data recovery and storage requirements.
Improved Customer Relationship.
  Streamlining and integrating your sales, marketing and customer service will allow you to focus on the bottom line - repeat satisfied customers.

Reference Accounts :

GBC can help you understand the linkage between business processes and the technologies that enable them. Our experienced staff can help you cost effectively meet changing business requirements, from business and operations to technology and organizational change. Some of our clients, include:

TriContinental Ltd. 
  GBC managed vendor selection and  product procurement for various hardware purchased from US OEM manufacturers. We also provided logistical support for product transhipment and installation in Kenya.
Computer Associates
  We performed a work-flow evaluation of current business processes. Selected and implemented a robust ERP solution.
Kiatec International Inc.
  Project involved application interoperability segmentation and synchronization.

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Resilient Infrastructures...
A resilient business infrastructure provides a security-rich, agile, available and recoverable environment. It can handle planned and unplanned events.
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Sarbanes Oxley Act

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